The Climate

Photo by Sindre Sørhus

Photo: Sindre Sørhus

Turkey is a big country of a varied topography and so it has many climatic zones. While in Eastern Anatolia you ski down the slopes, others ski on water along the Mediterranean coast.

The Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts display a typical Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures around 29°C. The humidity is a little high during summer in these regions. Temperatures increase a few degrees when traveling from Izmir to the south, and water temperatures also become warmer. The swimming season is from June to September along the Marmara and North Aegean coasts, while it is from April to October on the South Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

The Black Sea Region has a moderate climate; the summers are warm and winters are mild. In this region the rainfalls are heavier than in any other region. The swimming season in the Black Sea Region is from June to early September and the weather is not so dependable.

There is quite a difference between the coastal regions and the inland regions which are at higher altitudes. The climate reaches its extremes in central and eastern Anatolia with hot, dry summers when the temperatures may reach 42oC, and cold, snowy winters. Spring and autumn are best for sightseeing and traveling. Anatolia shows all her beauties during this period.

Climate of Turkey