Tunceli, Turkey

A province surrounded by mountains exhibiting a majestic view, Tunceli is a land with untouched natural beauties; and an area of rocky steep cliffs displaying a wild appearance; this province with its peculiar characteristics lies 133 kms north of Elazig.

Known as "Dersim" in the old times, Tunceli has followed a similar historical evolution as other cities of Eastern Anatolia. Beginning with the Urartians, it changed hands among Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, and today it is a modern province with remains from these periods.

One important ruin is the fortress of Pertek, outside the city, on the road to Elazig. It was constructed in the Middle Ages, and is a place to be explored by sightseers. Mazgirt fortress and several old bridges are other historical places around Tunceli.

Nearby, there exists another beautiful spot, the Munzur Valley National Park with its wide natural resources. It is possible to make use of the curative properties of its mineral springs, while the streams are filled with trout, providing opportunities for fishing. This site is also an ideal destination for mountaineers and the whole park possesses a wonderful scenery that will amaze nature lovers.