Siirt, Turkey

Siirt is a pretty province located in Southeastern Anatolia, 224 km northeast of Mardin, and separated from this province by the Tigris. This region which once under the hegemonies of the Persians, Romans and Byzantines, was also an important center during in the Abbasid Caliphate era.

There are numerous monuments: the 12th- century Ulu Mosque built by the Seljuks, and the 13th- century Asakir Carsi Mosque, being the places of interest for sightseers. 6 kms from Siirt is Aydinlar, a beautiful town where the Ibrahim Hakki Mausoleum Complex stands, with the private Ibrahim Hakki Astronomical Museum nearby. The tomb of Sheik Ismail Fakirullah is another significant religious site, beside the many others.

This little city is famed for its fine pistachio nuts, widely produced on the land. Another specialty of the region is the excellent goat blankets, which are perfect protector in winter and make beautiful gifts. The province is full of old citadels, bridges and has many meadows.