Osmaniye, Turkey

The province of Osmaniye is a beautiful city with its fertile agricultural fields and its broad forests. The province of Osmaniye is an important tourism center with Karatepe, Aslantaş Open Air Museum and Ancient cities.

The lands surrounding the city was inhabited by a nation called Lelegs in the Calcolithic and Early Bronze Age. In the following centuries, Great Hittite State, Asurian civilization, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Seljukians and finally Ottoman Empire reigned in the region.

The city had declared to become a province after the declaration of the Republic but had been demoted to the status of a district in 1933.

The old right had been returned in 24 October 1996 and Osmaniye had attained the status of province.


The most important one is the Toprakkale castle located in Toprakkale district. The ruins of ancient Kınık city (Öranşar) are located in the north of the castle on Adana highway.

The ruins of Haruniye castle, Saman castle and Kurtlar castle are located in the Düziçi district and the ruins of Karafenk castle and Savranda castle at Kalecik village are located in Hasanbeyli district.


The Çançan Grave Caves located at the Karapınar locality are estimated to be from the Roman period.

Religious Monuments

The Alacami (Kadirli) Mosque located at the city center and constructed in the 5th century AC at the Roman period is the most important mosque of the province. The Ağacabey Mosque located in the Bahçe district is worth seeing.

Ala Mosque (Kadirli) - The mosque is originally a basilica belonging to the Roman period and is one the rarest creations that could stand still since that period. The basilica was inspected to be affected from the style of Syria and was transformed into a church in 12th century with the assistance of the abscissa and in 1489 with the addition of a minaret and a niche, the structure was transformed into a mosque by the ruler of Dulkadiroğulları, Alaüddevle. The structure is an important religious structure which belongs to both the Roman period, Byzantine period and also the Ottoman Period. The lower sections of the mosque contain burial chambers belonging to the Byzantine period.


Districts: Osmaniye (center), Bahçe, Düziçi, Kadirli, Hasanbeyli, Sumbas, Toprakkale.