The Marmara Region

A center of reminiscence in this country of historical focus of the old world is the Marmara Region which occupies the northwest corner of the country. Being a point of juncture between Europe and Asia this area has seen thousands of tribes and their civilizations passing through, from one continent to the other.

As the core of this background, the famous city of Istanbul stands, with all its magnificence, and signs from its far-reaching past. It has such a location that it constitutes not only a city of history, but also one of natural beauty beyond example. Extending on the two sides of the Bosphorus bordered by green groves, it also possesses beautiful shores along the internal Marmara Sea. Facing the city there exists small, pretty islands, adorning this big sea, Iying in the middle of the region. The sea features the land in that the climatic characteristics of the Black Sea influencing the north of it, is separated from the typical Mediterranean climate prevailing in its south. Rainfall is high enough to facilitate growing a variety of fruits, while snowfall enlivens the winter holidays.

Uludag, one of the main peaks of Turkey, is the most prominent figure in this region, and one of the most popular ski-resorts with every kind of convenience provided. At the foot of Mount Uludag, "Green" Bursa is located, with its dense forests covering the mountains and wide meadows, which give it its title. It is another center of historical importance, its rich past being kept alive in its mosques and tombs of wonderful architectural design. Ancient Iznik is the same, as is the charming city of Edirne which is on the European side of Turkey.

Bordering Greece and Bulgaria, the land in Thrace is covered by wide fields of sunflowers and vineyards, while olive groves are found extending all over the region, like the gardens in Balikesir on the Anatolian side. In the same district there is a special spot nearby a broad lake: the National Park of "Kus Cenneti" (Bird Paradise) which is a bird sanctuary sheltering birds of over two hundred species.

It goes on and on once you begin to tell about this region of great appeal. Every kind of beauty greets every type of holidaymaker, from sightseers to sunbathers, from bird watchers to lovers of nostalgia. Thus, words are not enough, but helps to say you that you will certainly find whatever you want, in the next but one of the impressive pieces of this land.