Mardin, Turkey

The province of Mardin, overlooking the Mesopotamian Plain, has preserved the old- style carving in its houses. Dating from 1385, the Sultan Isa Medresse is an interesting, beautiful Turkish monument with its magnificent carved portal.

The Kasim Pasa Medresse, is also significant for its dome of beautiful stonework and the Ulu Mosque with its well-decorated minaret, is another sightseeing spot. On a hill, 7 kms east of Mardin, you will see something you do not expect: Deynulzaferan, a Syriac- Jacobite monastery. Several kilometres further, there is another Monastery, Deyrelmur dating from the 5th- century. If you would like to see the best examples of Artutid architecture then you have to head for Kiziltepe, 21 kms south of Mardin, 13th- century Ulu Mosque with its fine mihrap relief and beautifully decorated portal. At Hasankeyf which is on the borderline with Batman province, you will see the ruins of the ancient 12th- century capital of the Artutids. The bridge which once connected the two parts of the city over the Tigris and the palace, are others. The 15th- century Zeynel Bey Mausoleum nearby, is attractively decorated with blue tiles.