Pleasure on the Kordon, Izmir

Kordon, Izmir

While vehicle traffic would normally be unwelcome at such a meeting place where all roads converge, you won’t encounter any major traffic congestion in Izmir, which differs in this respect from other cities in which modern life overlays the historic fabric. This stems in part from timely measures, in part from delayed industrialization, and in part from the fact that Izmir’s residents take things slowly. You might even think that Bertrand Russell penned his book, In Praise of Idleness, here. The city quells its longing for the sea through Konak Square and the seaside esplanade and installations. A festive air reigns eternal along the Kordon, a popular rendezvous for those who want to commune with the Aegean. And when you add in the hum of students on Saturdays and after school on weekdays, the heady springtime atmosphere is complete. The youthful voice of joy and exuberance is audible in the cafes, along garden walls and at every street corner. The bounteous blessings of the Aegean invite you to dine at tables laden with squid, samphire (Salicornia europaea), gilt-head bream grilled golden brown, and a myriad of Turkish ‘meze’ or starters. Pleasure on the Kordon is a passion with all Izmir residents, and with the sun, residents imbibing the pleasure of the Aegean at sunset as the sun bids them farewell before sinking below the horizon.