Igdir, Turkey

The province of Igdir lies as a fertile plain between two lofty locations, in Eastern Anatolia. In the northwest, at a distance of 180 kms extends the high plateau of Kars province which previously comprised this district inside its borders. In the southeast, on the other hand, stands Mount Agri (Ararat), as the highest mountain in Turkey, rising magnificently beside this new province.

Igdir plain is the best place to view the majestic scenery of this mountain, with the ever present snow over its slopes and peaks.

Watching this beautiful silhouette will also make you live the legends of Noah who descended this biblical Mount of Ararat and first set his foot on the soil here, after the big flood. Olive groves cover this area, and the dove, which allegedly brought an olive branch to Noah, is believed to have taken it from this wide grove.