The Central Anatolian Region

The triangularly shaped region in the middle of the country is the Central Anatolian Region; the heart of Turkey. A different world in this distinct country is this wide plateau with all its extraordinary motifs and themes.

Witnessing the earliest times of humanity originating back to Paleolithic and Neolithic ages, this region constitutes a real cradle of civilization. History lives here, beginning with the Hittite city of Catalhoyuk, near Konya, with its remains from the oldest settlements made of mud houses and simple construction; to the capital of today's Turkey, Ankara, with its modern blocks, buildings and facilities. Along with its historical and geographical importance, this city of government is yet a further midpoint of this central region, giving it a strategic significance.

The tawny-yellow field dominating Central Anatolia is decorated with natural attributes of outstanding beauty. Here are the volcanoes Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan, which once had violently erupted, covering the surrounding area with tuff. Eroded by wind and rain, the frozen lava created spectacular landscapes of rock cones and capped pinnacles in Goreme, near Nevsehir.

Known as Cappadocia in Roman times, this place is one of the unusual regions in the world with its original ground of various colors ranging from red tones to greys. As charming and interesting as this district, are the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, on the way to Nigde, with their hidden rooms and tunnels The broad lakes of Tuz and Beysehir complement the scenery of Central Anatolia and give a different feature to this extensive land.

Typical of this geography, a climate of dry, sunny summers, and cold winters with rain and snow, rules over the region. Wheat fields are spread all over the land, in correspondence with the climatic features, while orchards and vineyards are available for the picking of apples and grapes.

For those who would like to make a trip to this diversified region, there is an abundance of options. Come and see the fascinating views of beautiful valleys, such as Ihlara. If you want to ski down the slopes of snowy mountains, Mounts Erciyes and Ilgaz are here. Visit Konya, a cultural center of many centuries, with its mosques and "Whirling Dervishes," while old Hittite Anatolian cities wait for you to wander around them. The choice is yours, although it is recommended to see them all.