The Black Sea Region

In the north, the quiet green beauty of the Black Sea coast represents one of the outstanding scenic beauties of Turkey. The pine forested mountains, and lush valleys and hills run to a coastline of rare beauty with untouched beaches. All the imaginable shades of green are on display in this region due to plentiful rainfall. Among the dense green, the mountain villages, and the fishing villages on the coasts, retain the traditional wooden architecture of the region. A perfect example is Safranbolu, and you will certainly want to preserve this specialty in your photos. The region is perfect for nature-lovers with its breathtaking landscapes; the Bolu-Seven Lakes, the Artvin-Tortum Waterfall, the Trabzon -Karadag and Erikbeli meadows are perfect for hiking and picnicking, while the Artvin - Coruh River is good for rafting. Those who prefer a quiet holiday in an unspoiled region are welcomed with a smile and they may enjoy the characteristics of the region's daily life, especially the hospitality of the people and the delicious food. Amasra, Rize, and Hopa are some of the areas suitable for such a choice. The whole coast is perfect for campers who want to have both sea and forested-mountain excursions at the same time. Sea and sun-worshippers may benefit from the coast but if they also want active nights then Akcakoca, lnkum and Guzelyali are some of the recommended towns. The region has in common with the rest of the country many reminiscent of major civilizations, for example; Trabzon - Aya Sofya Church (Church of the Holy Wisdom); Giresun Castle; Amasya - Pontic King's Tombs; Sinop - Ulu Mosque, Alaiye Medresesi and many others.


Church of the Holy Wisdom - Trabzon

The mountains parallel to the coast are fit for mountaineers and winter sports enthusiasts, especially Kartalkaya on Bolu Mountains, A different opportunity for a cool, nature-adorned holiday in the middle of summer, is to go to "yayla" -green meadows on the hills- as the Black Sea people traditionally do during hot summers. Artvin, Rize-Aydar and Giresun-Kumbet are some outstanding examples for such a holiday. The climate offers a comfortable holiday since there is a warm humid climate. The temperatures are fairly pleasant all year round, however rain is very common, and midsummer is the driest time just perfect for visiting. The summers are shorter when compared to those of the south and the west, and the winters are rainy. It is the most rainy region in the whole of Turkey and its climate makes it possible to cultivate tea, tobacco, corn and hazelnuts which constitute the unique greenness of the region.