The Aegean Region

The Aegean Region is the place where Bodrum, which is the birthplace of the Heredotus, "father of history", and " the place which has the most beautiful sky and most perfect climate on earth", is. There you will find the country's most impressive beaches, spread between rocky shores, and the unique "Turquoise" of Turkish waters. The undiscovered quiet coves and bays are real challenges for underwater divers.

There is so much to be found in this region in addition to its coastline. You will be welcomed by the heritage of history and mythology with every step you take. See Ephesus and Aphrodisias, two of the major sightseeing attractions of the world; and many other sights which form an exhibition of history from Greeks, and Romans to Seljuks and Ottoman Turks.

Offering all the wonders of nature, the Aegean region stands in a perfect location for all kinds of holiday opportunities covering every kind of interest. There are places both on the coast and inland suitable for those who prefer to get away from the stress of city-life.

On the other hand, for those who prefer a holiday full of action, most of the cities on the coast offer good choices; Cesme, Bodrum and Marmaris are recommended for an active nightlife. There are also thermal resorts like at Cesme and Pamukkale.

If you want to have a little of all these, then Izmir should be your base for a touring holiday in the Aegean Region, as it provides easy access to all historical places, thermal and coastal resorts.

The climate favors you in the Aegean Region, whenever you come. In general it is warm from April to October. The temperature reaches 28°C-30°C in middle of the season and it is of course great for a beach and water sports holidays. The sightseers may prefer the cooler early spring and late autumn. The coastal areas are considerably rainy during the winter, while inland, it is colder and snowy on the higher areas. Aegean Region