Sivas - Kangal (Balıklıçermik) Hot Springs

"Kangal Hot Springs with Fish"

The famous Kangal Hot Springs are 85 km from Sivas via the town of Kangal and 15 km from the centre of Kangal.


These thermal springs come from five different sources and the fish come directly from the springs into the pool. Spring water flows at 40 litres per second with a daily capacity, of 5,760 people.

Physio-Chemical Characteristics and Indications

The thermal water is 36 C (96 F) with a pH of 7.3 and contains bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium sulphate, chlorine, sodium and magnesium. Carbon dioxide gas is present and is crucial in curing skin diseases, rheumatism and neurological disorders. The fish present in the water simply suck out the diseased areas in a curettage-like fashion. Many, doctors and clinics throughout Turkey have recommended their patients try, the Kangal thermal waters as a curative.

Treatments and Accommodations

During the summer season at this centre, there are plenty of tents, bungalows and other types of accommodations. There is also a one star hotel at the centre with 81 rooms and 70 beds. New facilities are being planned for this thermal centre in the future.


For more information:
Balıklıçermík Thermal Bath
Kangal-Sivas, TR
Tel: (0-346) 469 1151 - 469 1152
Fax: (0-346) 469 1153

Sivas Municipality (Sivas Belediyesi)
Thermal Directorate (Kaplıca Müdürlüğü)
Tel: (0-346) 221 0110 - 221 0111 - 221 0112

Balıklı Kaplıca (Hot Springs with Fish) Facilities (Private Thermal)
97 Rooms, 200 Beds
Tel: (0-346) 469 1151 - 469 1152 - 469 1153
Fax: (0-346) 4691153


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