Afyon - Ömerterler (Oruçoglu) Hot Springs

Oruçoğlu Thermal Centreis 18 km north-west of Afyon on the Afyon-Kütahya Highway


Oruçoğlu Thermal Centre, also known as Ömerterler Kaplıcası has hot springs that flow at a rate of 90 litres per second. These facilities can accommodate 12,960 people daily per bath, per person.

Physio-Chemical Characteristics and Indications

The springs have a pH of 6.4 and contain sodium chloride, bicarbonate, iron and carbon dioxide, which are especially beneficial for rheumatism, dermatology problems, stomach and intestinal disorders, gynaecologic, urologic and metabolic problems.

Treatment and Accommodations

At this centre, there are open and covered thermal pools, underwater massage, massage, physical therapy, therapy pools, physical exercise programs and electrotherapy.

Thermal Resort Oruçoğlu *****
214 Rooms, 428 Beds
Tel: (0-272) 251 5050 - 251 3504
Fax: (0-272) 251 5060

Hüdai Yeni Thermal Baths ***
132 Rooms, 264 Beds
Tel: (0-272) 512 6947 - 512 6948
Fax: (0-272) 512 5014


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