Rafting in Turkey

As interest in nature oriented tourism activities rises, sports practiced without harming nature gain importance. Rafting is one of these sports which represents a most gentlemanly competition.

Mankind for centuries has been attracted by the beauty of rivers and turned them into sources of life. Today, he is in need of challenging their exuberance and pitting body and mind against this natural force.

The birth of rafting doubtlessly began when man first grasped a branch floating on a river. Today, rafting is a popular sport in the Western world. This sport which is practiced in rapid rivers with 4 to 12 people on inflated boats made of thick latex material requires a combination of man's physical energy, mind, geographical control and physical and psychological endurance. The only protection the sportsmen have in this struggle against nature is life vests and helmets.

Arriving at the goal is the ultimate fulfillment after struggling against the wild current of a river despite all difficulties. Exploring the unspoiled nature guided by the river is the greatest pleasure that one experiences with rafting.

Many rivers in Turkey are suitable for rafting and canoe sports. Besides the river Coruh, the Firtina, Berta, Barhal, Oltu and Harsit Rivers in the Black Sea Region and the Göksu, Köprücay, Manavgat and Dragon Rivers as well as the Cehennem Stream in the Mediterranean Region are excellent routes for rafting.

Rafting is practiced with no harm to nature and without leading to over construction or pollution, and is truly nature friendly.

The promotion of rafting will produce a positive effect in terms of both Turkey's tourism, and the development of an awareness of nature conservation.

Rafting in Coruh River

Çoruh River

The rafting event to be arranged for the first time on the River Coruh, one of Turkey's natural beauties, is going to draw attention to the touristic potential of the Black Sea Region, to the Coruh Valley as well as...
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Rafting in Berhal River

Altiparmak (Barhal) River

The Altiparmak flows through a strikingly beautiful valley enveloped by high mountains. Recommended for canoeing and rafting, the river has a high flow-rate year round because of the run-off of melting snow.
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Rafting in Firtina River

Firtina River

Firtina River is interesting not only for the arched bridges spanning it and the tea plantations that line its banks but also for the traditional costumes of the local population. Formed by a number of streams on the Black Sea...

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Rafting in Koprulucay River

Köprülüçay River

Emerging from the Toros (Taurus) Mountains and running through a number of amazing canyons, Köprücay flows into the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Serik. Fed by underground springs in gorges that...
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Rafting in Manavgat River

Manavgat River

In the spring, the waters of the Manavgat run full and clear, augmented by underground springs in the canyons it passes through, until the river's force is interrupted by the Oymapinar Dam. The upper reaches...
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Rafting in Dragon River

Anamur (Dragon) River

Anamur (Dragon) River originates as an underground river from the Catalyatak, Yellice and Kizcagiz hills on the slopes of the Toros (Taurus) mountains. The underground spring erupts in several geysers...
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Rafting in Goksu River

Göksu River

The Göksu is the most important river in the province of Mersin, originating in two branches from the Central Toros (Taurus) mountain range. The southern branch starts at Geyik Mountains, and the other...
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