Mount Suphan

Mount Suphan, a magnificent dormant volcano rises from the northwest shores of Lake Van. Throughout the winter, snow falls on Suphan reaching three to four meters. The mountain's steep slopes and snow blanket combine to make it a good location for "Heli-skiing" - using helicopters to drop you off on the slopes for an adventure of high mountain skiing.

Trips and Climbs

The easily accessible southern and eastern flanks of Suphan are the preferred faces for ascending the mountain; they both offer spectacular views. To climb from the eastern flank take the coast road that circles Lake Van. In the stretch between Adilcevaz and Ercis, turn north to Aydinlar village. From there you continue on to Kicgilli village where you engage a guide to lead you in your ascent. The climb from the south begins at the village of Harmantepe.

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