Blue Voyage from Kusadasi to Bodrum

St. John's Heritage Rediscovered

Kusadasi is today a major holiday resort-center. During the summer months it teems with swimmers, fishermen, sun-lovers and sightseers. Once known as Scala Nova, the town boasts wonderful seafood restaurants, cafes, beautiful parks and superb beaches. The shopping is also famous; everything from beads and bangles to leather, jewellery and carpets is on offer.

The Kusadasi Turban Marina is one of the best equipped marinas in Turkey, providing wintering for boats both afloat and on shore. Scuba diving has become very popular. The night-life is renowned along the coast with excellent bars, jazz clubs, discos and cabarets that promise evenings filled with excitement, entertainment and possibly a little romance.

Not far from Kusadasi, the ancient site of Ephesus, an important city of antiquity, remains a highlight of any visit to Turkey. The city, whose wealth and patronage supported its splendid architectural program, was dedicated to the goddessArtemis. Her enormous temple, rebuilt several times, dates in its latest form from the third century B.C. and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The ancient theater has found new life as a major concert venue. Close by is the site of St. John's Basilica and the reputed last home of the Virgin Mary.

South of Kusadasi, the unbelievably beautiful waters of the Dilek Peninsula National Park welcome yachtsmen into its serene inlets and coves.

Between Kusadasi's southern shores and Pamukkale lies the valley of the Menderes River (the Meander), where several ancient civilizations built major settlements, including Priene, Milet, Didyma (Didim), Aphrodisias and Hierapolis (Pamukkale).

The Temple of Apollo at Didim was one of the most sacred places of antiquity. Many times looted and burned, the sanctuary still impresses with its elegant beauty.

Not far from this archaeological site, the beautiful beach of Altinkum tempts all visitors and offers a great opportunity for sailing, swimming and relaxation. It is the last stop before entering the Güllük Gulf.

This gulf can provide a whole vacation in itself with four large natural bays and numerous coves and inlets. The whole area has excellent moorings, and scuba divers will be particularly interested in exploring these waters. The fisherman's village of Güllük has a pretty port and numerous guest-houses and small hotels. The mythological Dolphin Boy is said to have been born a little farther to the north at Kiyikislacik (Iassos). As you sail out of this beautiful gulf, the Bodrum Peninsula welcomes you.

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